Clayart Stine Læntver




Stine Læntver is born i Copenhagen in 1969, but lives and works in Langeland, Denmark.


She is educated in Aarhus Academy of fine Arts in sculpture

and painting, and in School of Ceramics Copenhagen.

She has attended art workshops in Polen, Sweden, Wales

(Great Britain) and in Denmark at Guldagergaard.


Stine Læntver is a Ceramic Storyteller.

Her sculptures often centers around the themes: nature, life and death, and they are wild, sensitve and whimsical.

She works in an experimental way, and uses many different materials in one sculpture.

Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glass, iron and glazes are just some of these materials.


"But man is a part of Nature, and his war against Nature is enevitably a war against himself" Quote Rachel Carson.


Contact: stines@clayart.dk or by phone: + 45 31 68 91 44



Exhibitions - 2017

Summer Exhibition in Gallery NowHuset.

Museum of Langeland, Rudkøbing

Exhibition Gallery L. Svendborg

Christmas Market at Skovsgaard, Langeland